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La Manga
La Manga

And now for some information about La Manga…..


La Manga (Murcia, Spain) is a strip of land 24 km long, which was structured from Cabo de Palos to the north. Its formation was due to sedimentation of sand that contributed the dominant currents in the area. West of this tongue of land is the Mar Menor, which is like a large saltwater lake, with a small opening. To the east is the Mediterranean Sea. Both seas are connected by channels, called “ruffs”, through which the water flows between them.

In the sixteenth century what is now known as the Mar Menor was an open bay, and the sleeve was a long border of small islands, closely spaced from each other; eventually it was accumulated between the islands the sedimentation of land to result in La Manga.

This area of ​​land was formed by sedimentation dunes and scrub vegetation that arrived without any change until the 60s, a decade in which the site was discovered for tourism and the great constructions gradually began to populate the landscape.

Today the town lives mainly off of tourism during all seasons thanks to its warm climate, and is part of the Nautical Mar Menor, ensuring visitors enjoy a range of activities and water sports.


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